With our New Ireland Directory, we have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that we offer the best features and benefits.


You will soon discover as you browse the New Ireland Directory that we are extremely passionate about how we offer our services.


Here at Ireland Directory we care about how your business is represented on our New website. If your business grows, then so does ours.


You will very soon discover how supportive we are at Ireland Directory. We will support you to ensure that your business is well displayed.

Welcome to Ireland Directory, where we connect people to fantastic local businesses.

Ireland Directory is owned by Emerald Group International (GOEGI) and registered in Ireland. Emerald Group International were also responsible for Fáilte Tours, a company heavily involved in Tourism.

Because of our experience within the Hospitality and Tourism Markets, we decided to launch ‘Ireland Directory’ to enable people to find local businesses like Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Tour Companies, Shops, Bars or indeed any local business in which the visitor to Ireland would have need to use.

Our New Website

Ireland Directory, with the launch of our New Website will now include all local businesses such as, hairdressers, barbers, clothes shops, mechanics, or indeed any local business looking to increase their footfall.

Our New Website is fully responsive, so it makes no difference if the visitor is accessing via Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, they will all be able to search and find whatever they are looking for.

For the Business Owner it means that, depending on which Package they sign up for, they will have the benefit of promoting their business in various formats. The business can add Video, Images, Location and Direction Maps, Social Media Links, Telephone, Mobile, Whatsapp, Special Offers, Events and accept Reviews. You can discover more about the Features and Benefits by viewing our various Plans. Theses plans can be paid for either Monthly or Annually.

SEO and the Benefits

Because of our Website Design and the way in which your Business is displayed, it will create many additional benefits for you, the Local Business Owner.

Firstly, your Listing will have the benefit of having a Link to your Website, which will in turn enhance your current Search Engine Optimisation with Google and the other Search Engines.

Secondly, your Listing can have the benefit of displaying a Video, promoting your Business, which in turn will again enhance your SEO on Youtube. Videos now play a vital part in SEO, ensuring that your Business is well Highlighted and ensure that it stands out from the crowd!

Enhance Your Business Listing With Video!

The People Looking After You

Ireland Directory
Ireland Directory
Ireland Directory
Ireland Directory

Nicoleta Mitran

Nicki is our General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of the office and ensuring that all your support issues are dealt with in a timely fassion.

Michael Bergin

Michael is responsible for the website design and the Business Listings, ensuring that we put Local Businesses on the map, in order to increase footfall on a regular basis.

Elena Florescu

Elena is our website moderator and is responsible for the verification of the Business Listings. She also takes care of the Reviews and Comments sections on the site.

Ioana Voinescu

Ioana is our Accounts Manager and ensure that all payments are collected and the Invoices are issued to enable the Business Listing to go live on our website as requested.

Ireland Directory & GDPR Regulations

Our New Website is fully compliant with the New GDPR Regulations and this will be of a vast benefit to Business Owners, because by using our facility, they can ensure that they too are fully Compliant with the GDPR Rules.

Many businesses, sadly are not fully aware of the implications of not being compliant. Many are not even aware of the financial implications. The fine alone could have the detrimental effect of closing a business down.

All our Business Listings are verified and ‘Claimed’ so as the Consumer is fully aware that it is a Genuine Business they are dealing with.

As a Business Owner you will have access to Support in claiming and updating your business listing. For businesses that take bookings and reservations, such as barbers, hair stylists, salons, spas etc. we have a system to cover that.

Over time, our developers will continue to add additional features and benefits for our Business Owners and Consumer alike.

You will see that our Plans are very well priced and excellent value for money.

For the Consumer it’s another story….

It’s a Saturday night and you’re looking for a good place to eat, or you’ve just moved to a new city and are in search of a hairdresser. The days of trusting “walk-ins” are becoming something of the past. We want 5 star ratings, detailed reviews, and photos of validation before we call to make a reservation or appointment.

It’s a well known fact that instant review-based decision making has impacted the success and failure of local businesses around the world.

Ireland Directory Smartphone Reviews

Here at Ireland Directory, we encourage consumers to leave reviews and the Business Owner should also do the same, because it is a sure way to increase business.

Business Owners and Reviews…

Undoubtedly the best way to get a good review is to keep providing excellent products and services, but you can also give your customers a little nudge by asking them for their feedback.

Some companies will dissuade you from directly asking for reviews from happy customers but it’s not against the laws of business.

If you offer a good service or product and engage with a customer and they’re happy, why not encourage them to go on Ireland Directory and talk about their experience? Asking someone face to face is the best chance of getting a fantastic review. Encourage your staff to keep this in mind each time they have a good experience with a customer.

Don’t just set up your Ireland Directory account and walk away, you should be as active on Ireland Directory as you can.

Ireland Directory customer reviews are the most important aspect to maintaining a high search position, and the best way to moderate your customers’ experiences is to actively engage with them.

Responding to positive reviews is a nice personal touch to show visitors that you appreciate customer feedback and are actively communicating on Ireland Directory.

You should never respond in a demeaning or negative tone no matter how terrible the review is. The way you communicate with customers is public for everyone to see so being professional at all times is extremely important.

Are you hosting an event or remodeling your store? Maybe you’re throwing an end of season blowout sale. Use the Announcement tool to invite customers into your business or to keep them up to date on your store’s latest activities. All you have to do is create the announcement and post it on your Ireland Directory page.

Give potential customers who find you on Ireland Directory an incentive to visit your store with offers and special deals. Discounts, gift certificates, and buy-one-get-one deals are fantastic ways to connect with new customers and grab some more positive reviews for your page. It also gives you a way to stand out from your competition.

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to increase footfall to your business. And remember that we are always here ready to help.